Cuddle Kiddies Childcare Academy will prepare the youngest learners in our care to fully experience and participate in their lives at home, in the classroom, and within the community.

We believe a good daycare program should be based on developmental principles, and this is our basis of designing educational experiences.  Our curriculum is directed toward the formation of basic concepts and readiness skills through the use of many varied hands-on concrete learning experiences.  Our environment will provide many opportunities for play, exploration and creative activities that promote skills in problem-solving, thinking and reasoning, language and literacy, and socialization.  Much emphasis is placed on a child's physical development, as this critically affects all other areas of developmental learning.  Above all, we believe that each child is sacred, special and unique.

Preschool staff members have experience in Early Childhood Education and required to complete 14 hours of training annually which includes child abuse and neglect, universal precautions, safe sleep, and age-appropriate curriculum training. All staff is trained in First Aid and CPR.


Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday  
(Day) 6:30am-6pm

Flexible Drop-In
(pre-registration required)

Before and After School Program
Available for school-agers through age 12.  Care also provided during regular school closings for school-agers.  Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 8am & 3:30pm - 6pm


Preparing little people for a big world.

Cuddle Kiddies Childcare Academy will prepare the youngest learners in our care to fully experience and participate in their lives at home, in the classroom, and within the community. Our program will help our children develop the readiness skills in all content areas as outlined in the Core Knowledge Curriculum. It is our mission to create a bridge between families and school to support our children and to give them a successful start on their journey through school.

The learning curriculum of Cuddle Kiddies Childcare Academy has a mission to develop students from infant to school-age to become virtuous American citizens who will become the next generation of professionals. The preparatory skills and learning techniques at Cuddle Kiddies Childcare Academy will position children for the top of their class through school years and ultimately at the top of the world through life.

Our Goals: Care & Cultivate

Provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience in a classroom setting.
Nurture a positive self-image in each child.
Provide the opportunity for creative self-expression through play, music and art.
Develop each child’s social skills of sharing, helping and interacting with others.
Teach children to understand and accept responsibility for their own behavior.

Offer curriculum areas of creative arts, science, math, language, imaginative play, health and large and small motor skills.
Enhance curriculum with educational topics including environment, safety and nutrition, in addition to special classroom visitors and field trips.
Prepare children to enter kindergarten, including teaching independence and self-help skills along with full visual alphabet recognition.
Help children see themselves as uniquely created and loved.

Educational Philosophy

Our educational program emphasizes the development of the whole child through active learning situations.  We strive for a balanced, nurturing, caring, developmental approach to education for children from infants to 5 years old. Our program provides freedom for children to have spontaneous play and interaction, where they make discoveries, explore, solve problems and develop social skills.  This, in addition to structured, teacher-directed activities in which children learn to focus attention and function in a group, fosters success and positive self-esteem. Our curriculum provides opportunities that encourage the social, emotional, artistic, imaginative and physical development of a child, while also offering many activities that allow for development in cognitive-academic areas as well as kindergarten readiness.

Our qualified staff and small class size allow each child to develop according to his or her own pace, interest and learning style. We emphasize encouragement as a vital role in each child’s development. We believe even the youngest learners at Cuddle Kiddies will benefit daily by our Age Appropriate Curriculum designed for Infants to 2 Year Olds that promotes, stimulates and motivates early learning and prepares them for the next stage of learning.



Our Staff

Our Childcare staff have experience in Early Childhood Education (ECE), and/or Child Development Associates (CDA) credentials  or previous childcare experience. All staff are required to attend annual workshops, and trained in First Aid, CPR and Universal Precautions. See employment opportunities.


The Director

Carol L. Hill (affectionately known as "Cuddles") owned and operated her own daycare for eleven years on Indy's northside.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, graduating with honors.  Her sincere love for children is known throughout the city of Indianapolis. 



Contact Us

Please feel free to email us or call with any questions you may have about our daycare!

Address 777 E. 86th Street  Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone (317) 550-5245