Cuddle Kiddies Childcare Academy offers Flexible Drop-in services Monday - Friday (6am-6:30pm).  


1.  Your child(ren) must be registered and in our database (click here to register your child(ren)).  This is only required the first time you plan to drop off your child. 

2. While registering online, you will be advised of several forms that must be completed and either emailed or brought with you at your first visit.  These forms must be on file prior to providing service for your child.

3. You must call or complete a notice of drop-in at least 24 hours prior to drop off to ensure adequate space is available.


Drop-in service times are as follows:

Monday - Friday (6:30am - 6pm)

Ages: Infant to 12 years

frequently asked questions

What is Flexible Drop-in Childcare? An hourly service available to parents through the our normal weekdays (Mon-Fri). Cuddle Kiddies is extending its regular weekly child care services to include hourly drop-in services Monday through Friday. Parents will be able to drop off their children Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 6 PM.

What are the rates for drop in flexible services?  Drop in services are charged by the hour.  Click here for rates. Multiple children from the same family also receive family discounts.

Can we drop off our child without informing the Childcare in advance?  No. Cuddle Kiddies requires 24 hours advance notice before dropping kids off.  You have the option of pre- registering online or contacting the childcare at (317) 550–5245.  All children must be pre-registered initially for drop-in services.  After the initial pre-registration, you will only need to call and schedule your drop off day and time as needed.

Do you provide flexible drop in on Saturdays and Sundays? Not at this time for Saturdays, however, we are working toward providing this service in 2019. No service provided on Sundays. 

What happens if I pick my child up after the published closing times? A late fee of $20.00 will be charged for late pickups.

Do you provide flexible drop-in care for infants?  Yes, however a 24-hour notice must be given for infant care to ensure adequate space is available.